What's Life Coaching?

"It is not those who teach us who most impact our lives, but those who believe in us." - Master Coach Gregg Thompson

MY COACHING IS NOT...             

   1. Advice giving

   2. Past-oriented

   3. Processing and Healing Trauma

   4. Pre-packaged methods                            


   1. Powerful & Penetrating questioning

   2. Future-oriented (Flourishing potential)

   3. Opening possibilities and creating massive action

   4. Promotes autonomy by building character and instilling tools for self-directed self-discovery.

I won't solve your problems or give you wisdom, I will empower you to create your own solutions

by tapping into your own resourcefulness, creativity, wisdom, courage and authenticity. 


3 Coaching Journeys

Trail in Woods
Happy Hiking
Sat on the Rocks

Deep Self-Discovery

12 weeks

Step into your Truth

Know the meaning of your life, uncover your biggest dreams and highest values, and design you ideal future.

In 'Deep self-discovery', our sessions will bring you deeper than you've ever been into yourself. 

We will take what we learn and design a detailed action plan to be your best as you move toward your ideal life.

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Self Mastery

3-4 months

Self-mastery requires your fullest potential, and I will hold you accountable to your highest standard with unshakeable faith in your greatness.

I do not accept everyone to this program, as you must display certain virtues in order for us to collaborate for mastery.

This path will transform you. You will develop a heroic character and an strong, disciplined mindset that will serve you for a lifetime.

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The Breakthrough

Single Session

Get unstuck, discover new possibilities, clarify what you really want.

Whatever you're searching for, the breakthrough session will be a hard wake up call. One session might be all you need.

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We will decide which path is right for you when we talk.

Group Discussion

The Self-Mastery Circle

Group Coaching

Join this intimate circle of self-explorer's to build your life purpose roadmap.
Together, we will uncover your ultimate purpose, highest values,
biggest dreams, largest fears and build a personalized plan to
connect your ideal vision to how you show up each day!