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Julian K.

Lucia B.

Melissa M.


Written Testimonials

"TJ is an awesome coach with a very original style and results oriented approach for helping his clients. He is extremely engaged with the coaching process and his energy is so contagious. After sessions with TJ, you figure out what is the 1 thing that you need to do and you are energized and motivated to go and do it! It was extremely valuable to be held accountable by TJ for the passionate commitments I made during our sessions."

Blagina Y.

"Tj Helped me to plan out my life and take the necessary steps to move toward  my goals. He understood what I wanted and magically helped me reveal how I was stopping myself. This was invaluable to have a mirror held up to me. We went through my values to understand how to prioritize, balance and schedule my different goals. Having Tj hold me accountable in the way that we both decided was incredibly helpful for getting me to follow through with the big decisions I made during his our powerful coaching sessions. I highly recommend Tj if you are committed and ready to invest in yourself."

Daniel W.

"Working with Tj has dramatically helped me get my life on track. I knew where I wanted to go, but I wasn't sure about how to get there. With Tj's skillful coaching, I feel like I am finally on the road to becoming my true self. He recognizes a person's individual needs and will format his sessions with you in mind. He is committed and passionate, and his desire to help others is genuine and powerful. To anyone looking for guidance, I highly recommend coaching sessions with TJ."

Krystina V.

“I am a new man! I don’t know where I would be mentally if I hadn’t coached with TJ. It was crazy, within minutes of our first session he helped me understand what was happening inside of me. Throughout this journey, he has been very supportive and knowledgeable. This WAS NOT! an easy road, but every time I spoke with TJ he helped use techniques for mental reframing and self awareness. There were many challenges, and TJ was always there to help me keep pushing.”

John L.

Tj is a compassionate man and coach who genuinely wants to help others succeed. I grew up always in crisis mode and never learned balance and healthy routine. My routine was to survive each day. Tj helped me lay out what is important to me, why it's important and then empowered me with the tools to implement my ideals and values into my daily life. Anyone looking to be accountable or in need of clarity and change should look to Tj.

Max H.

"TJ helped me focus on my priorities, create steady habits and powerful routines. He also encouraged self-reflection by asking questions that no one EVER asked me before! He's an amazing coach. I recommend him to anyone who needs to make a big change in their life."

Scott K.



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