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Video Testimonials

Aimee Kewn

Swimwear Designer & Business Owner

Matt B

Life Coach

Lucia B

Fitness Trainer

Kristina F.

RTT Therapist

Stefan M.


Raz B.

Entrepreneur & Meditation Teacher

Christian Guerrero

Holistic Health Coach

Melissa M.

Event Planner

Julian K.

App developer

Kate M.

Sr. Project Manager

Katie R.


Kelly S.

Photographer & Chef

Testimonials: Testimonials

Written Testimonials


Kelly S.

Chef & Photographer

Deep, fundamental changes have occurred within me that will forever change the way I interact with the world and myself.

I am no longer seeking external validation or my love and safety in other people.

I trust in the power that is within myself.

My capacity to hold both pain and compassion has increased tremendously.

My self compassion and focus on myself and my needs has actually connected me with the understanding of others in a more intimate way.

I'm unafraid to be vulnerable and I value that trait in others, connecting me with more authentic people.

I'm no longer afraid of the feelings that arise because I can use them to go deeper in myself to continue healing and learning.

On top of this, my coaching relationship with Tj served as an example of healthy relationships, how people are interdependent and can lift up others. Healed people heal people, and Tj is an example of that. It showed in the way or sessions flowed, exploring the unknown and brave enough to explore whatever arises. His intuition, paired with his knowledge, makes for interesting feedback and he's always inviting us to go deeper into the thoughts.

It's truly remarkable the transformation I have went through. I am so grateful for Tj and while I did the hard work, I don't think I would be where I am without him and his support.

I trust myself and the path I am on.


Vicente Z.

HospisCare Worker

Tj’s guidance and encouragement influenced me to trust myself, the universe around me and the answers that spawn when confronted with new or reoccurring questions.

When I first approached TJ, I was a person with emotional walls, spiritual concerns and a cloud of mental fog. These prevented me from fully focusing on myself, my path and what the universe was asking of me.

Tj possess this emotional maturity and spiritual wisdom that allowed him to put into cohesion the shadows and uncertainties I intangibly shared with him.

Every week we dug deeper and looked more within and then, without realizing it, I arrived at a place where I became more aware of the answers and concepts that I had already subconsciously knew.

Our work together helped me create a strong foundation that I am able to build from even when things return to darkness and naturally collapse. 


Krystina V.


"Working with Tj has dramatically helped me get my life on track.

I knew where I wanted to go, but I wasn't sure about how to get there.

With Tj's skillful coaching, I feel like I am finally on the road to becoming my true self.

He recognizes a person's individual needs and will format his sessions with you in mind. He is committed and passionate, and his desire to help others is genuine and powerful.

To anyone looking for guidance, I highly recommend coaching sessions with TJ."


John L.

Day Trader

I am a new man!

I don’t know where I would be mentally if I hadn’t coached with TJ.

It was crazy, within minutes of our first session he helped me understand what was happening inside of me.

Throughout this journey, he has been very supportive and knowledgeable. This WAS NOT an easy road, but every time I spoke with TJ he helped use techniques for mental reframing and self awareness.

There were many challenges, and TJ was always there to help me keep pushing.”


Daniel W.

Financial Consultant

"Tj Helped me to plan out my life and take the necessary steps to move toward  my goals.

He understood what I wanted and magically helped me reveal how I was stopping myself.

This was invaluable to have a mirror held up to me. We went through my values to understand how to prioritize, balance and schedule my different goals.

Having Tj hold me accountable in the way that we both decided was incredibly helpful for getting me to follow through with the big decisions I made during his our powerful coaching sessions.

I highly recommend Tj if you are committed and ready to invest in yourself."


Montana B.

Physical Therapist

TJ helped me dig deep to find my own answers within myself.

When I contacted TJ I was hoping that he would give me some magical answer and boom my life was fixed. But he didn’t do that; and I’m so glad. Because finding the answers for myself, with his guidance, allowed me to reconnect with my own wisdom.

TJ created a safe space in which I felt okay enough to open up and release some deep emotions without the fear of judgement. Through our sessions, we were able to discover the reasons behind my fears and why I hold myself back. I have had so many personal revelations while working with TJ and I am so grateful for his help in finding all the answers I’ve been looking for.


Max H.

Bicycle Mechanic

Tj helped me lay out what is important to me, why it's important and then empowered me with the tools to implement my ideals and values into my daily life.

Tj is a compassionate man and coach who genuinely wants to help others succeed. I grew up always in crisis mode and never learned balance and healthy routine. My routine was to survive each day. Working with TJ gave me the opportunity to step into a better version of myself.

Anyone looking for clarity and change should look to Tj.


Scott K.

Balloon Artist

"TJ helped me focus on my priorities, create steady habits and powerful routines. He also encouraged self-reflection by asking questions that no one EVER asked me before! He's an amazing coach. I recommend him to anyone who needs to make a big change in their life."


Blagina Y.


After sessions with TJ, I had clarity about the most important things I needed to do and I was energized and motivated to go and do them!

It was extremely valuable to be held accountable by TJ for the passionate commitments I made during our sessions."


Eileen R.

College Registrar Manager

I am so grateful for the work I've done with Tj. He helped me build confidence, open my heart, clarify what I want an why, made me realize I have the courage to pursue what calls me, and held me accountable to the goals & habits that I have committed to!

I hired Tj to organize my thoughts and my goals. Working with him as given me that and so muhc more!

He helped me become aligned! TO connected my values to my passions, so i could be fulfilled now while also being focused on how I am becoming a better version of myelf daily.


Gabriel Y.

Visual Effects Artist

I never noticed how little I focused on the internal part of my life, and more importantly how doing so was leaving me feeling unfulfilled and incomplete.

Working with TJ, I've re-evaluated my morals, resolved inner conflict with my past self and clarified where my true ambitions lie. (and much more)

To share with TJ, whom I wholeheartedly trust, allowed me to discover parts of myself I couldn't have alone....For that, I'm incredibly grateful.


Jake McMahon

Billing Data Coordinator at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett

Tj helped me become more organized in my career and daily life, become more confident, reduce stress, and live more clearly in the present moment.

I'm now more focused and not constantly thinking about the future, which is something I always did before working with Tj.

I also learned my most important values, which allows me to live life more focused on what is actually important to me.

Overall, I'm so thankful for how my life changed by working with Tj, and would recommend working with him if you are currently dealing with any topics I mentioned. Tj is very knowledgeable in general, in many areas and can help you change your life for the better.


Millie L.


"I contacted TJ because I wanted a change that I couldn't get with books, spiritual podcasts and even therapy.

I found myself unhappy with not only myself, but also my career path and relationships.

I took a shot and signed up for a free session with TJ, and that session made me realize that this was it. I needed to commit fully to myself and sign up for sessions with TJ. 

I had many breakthroughs while coaching with TJ, from healing childhood problems that I never thought about, to breaking out of relationship patterns, to working through my perfectionistic mindset and more.

Within just four weeks I noticed a huge change in myself. I was much lighter after each session, and although sometimes I struggled and felt like I was hit by a truck after a session, it was all necessary things in order to achieve a better state of mind and grow closer to myself. 

After I got past my deeper inner conflicts, I was able to focus more and more on my daily routines - like how we say we will go to the gym 2-3 times a week but never actually commit (haha), well that was actually something I wanted to work on - self commitment to my goals, and by working on the deeper conflicts first, i felt free enough to committ to myself. 

Overall, TJ helped me understand, love and accept who I really am. 

A Warning: TJ is not a therapist. He is there to hold space for you to step into, to help you bring out your own wisdom, to help you build the skills and tools to create clarity and confidence within yourself. And that was for me, much more powerful! 

I'm so grateful for the coaching and definitely will continue to use the tools I gained for the rest of my life. All I can say is, don't hesitate to invest in yourself, you'll never regret it. I'm in such a better state of mind because of TJ and couldn’t be more glad it committed to coaching with him."


Natalie Robertello


In the time I've worked with TJ, the biggest change was my sense of personal empowerment and freedom from the "autopilot" thoughts, behaviors and feelings I had before coaching.

With this deeper understanding of myself, and learning how to consciously create space from my automatic responses, I've been able to not only challenge my deeply held beliefs, but change the way that I think and do things as well.

TJ was great in the way he was able to navigate challenging topics. Many times we would start off on the session's topic and I wasn't sure how to explain what I was feeling or thinking, but TJ was always able to help to get to the root.

He also challenged me to push past some of my limiting-beliefs in a compassionate way. He offered support between our calls which was extremely helpful for not only accountability, but to have someone to talk to when struggles came up with the goals that week.

I am very happy with the time spent, investment made and what feels like the new person I am today.

rose collins_edited.jpg

Rose Collins

Senior Software Developer 

TJ LITERALLY changed things for me the very first session.

Through our coaching, I was able to connect the dots in my mind and make immediate and permanent shifts in the way I show up for myself and others.

My greatest struggle was not putting my needs first and the anxiety that comes from perfectionism and burn out.

I wanted everything to be a certain way and be in control my environment through perfection.

And the biggest thing I gained from coaching with TJ was the freedom I felt from these things i mentioned: the burnt-out, the lack of self-esteem and the constant need for control.


Ryan Riggs

Performance & Aesthetics Coach

Before working with TJ, I had perfectionist and people pleaser qualities. These behaviors led me to abandon my own values, boundaries, and emotions in order to appease somebody else’s

Working with TJ helped me realize where these behaviors stemmed from and how to work through them. As I started to identify the root causes to my behaviors, I started to develop more compassion for myself.

This made it much easier to do the work needed to replace these behaviors with ones that aligned with my values.

Although I have more work to do, I am in a much better place mentally, physically, and spiritually.

It’s been a great experience working with TJ so far and I'm looking forward to the progress we will continue to make!


Paige B.

University Student

When beginning life coaching, I was initially hesitant about the process and terrified to be vulnerable. After so many years of suppressing emotions, I had forgotten the value that exists in talking. Through life coaching, I learned the love and trust I might find for myself through speaking. TJ helped me to articulate so many thoughts and feelings I had believed I might never be able to. 

It had always been easier for me to hold things in. A quiet and shy kid very quickly grew into an unsure adult. I felt so lost in coping with the changes that came with adulthood. TJ helped me learn why that was. I didn’t trust myself. I wasn’t someone I could or even wanted to count on. I had created such a skewed image of myself that I couldn’t even trust myself to make the changes I deeply wanted to make. TJ immediately noticed my lack of self trust and self compassion and helped me search within to see why I might be struggling so much with this.

When this work started, I began to see real changes in my life. It wasn’t overnight and it was easy, but I was doing it. I was finally doing something I said I would, I had given myself a reason to trust myself. From there these reasons grew, and self trust became a natural response to obstacles that came my way. 

No matter how difficult the process, I felt supported with TJ guiding me through it. What I have spoken of is only a small bit of the change that has occurred in my life since TJ entered it. I couldn’t be more grateful for the lessons and wisdom TJ has given me to walk through life with. 

Testimonials: Testimonials
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